Frequently asked questions


Please be advised that appointments cancelled within 6 hours will be charged at 50%.


Please note that ‘walk-ins’ without appointments will be attended to as emergencies and charged at half of the emergency rate. The amount due for a ‘walk-in’ patient will be 260 Dhs.


Please call our friendly reception to book your appointments on (+971) 4 395 3131.


Before any treatment, the clinic reserves the right to reserve up to 1500 Dhs deposit.

The top ten most common questions asked at the clinic

1. When should I vaccinate my kitten/puppy?

8 weeks for 1st vaccinations

10 weeks for 2nd vaccinations

You will need to vaccinate your pet every year,and also purchase a municipality tag.

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2. Sterilisation and Neutering

To reduce the risk of disease and calm your animal’sbehaviour.

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3. What Can I Do If I Think My Dog or Cat Is Overweight?

Please maintain bodyweight with the appropriate diet or ask any of our staff for more details or for a diet plan.

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4. What Are Ticks and How Can I Prevent Them?

The tick season is usually between spring & summer.  Please buy preventative spot medication such as frontline which should be applied every month.

Also note that you can call pest control who will come & spray the area where the pets are living.

5. How Often Should I Bathe A Dog Or Cat?

Dog – Every month usually depending on the breed and living conditions.

Cat –  3 months but its best having it done professionally

6. Weather

Pets should not be kept outside, especially in the summer heat without proper shade or air conditioned facilities. Dogs can get heatstroke very quickly which is a life threatening situation for them.

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7. What can I do with my pet when I go on holiday?

You can board them with us here at the clinic, or you can keep them at home and use the services of a company like Homely Petz to come and look after them. Please go to for more information.

8. Why do I need to microchip my Pet?

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9. Can you help me to relocate my pet if I have to leave Dubai?

Yes, we work with a company who will be able to help relocate your Pet. Please go to

10.  What do I do if I have a problem with my Pet when the clinic is closed?

You can call the Emergency number after hours and on Fridays. The number is +971 (5) 653 9230.

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