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adriana-de-koeyerWhat is your job title/role
Adriana De Koeyer VN
Practice Manager

What is your background/experience?
I obtained my Veterinary Nursing qualification in Australia where I worked for 7 years in small animal practice and 2 years at the Veterinary Specialist centre as practice manager. During this time,, I took the opportunity to further my studies in canine behavior, surgical nursing and practice management.
Following the above, I have since worked in Brunei setting up a small animal practice, managed the Veterinary Clinic at the Royal Guard of Oman stables, and worked in the pet nutrition industry in Dubai.

Any personal ideas/quotes about the industry?
A Doctor can only be as good as the surrounding support team

Why do you think you are good for the team?
With my previous experience I have developed a passion for client service and team work which includes a never ending interest of new developments in the veterinary industry. I thoroughly enjoy sharing and implementing suitable new initiatives where appropriate, complementing the already comprehensive service offered at Modern Veterinary Clinic

What is your job title/role
Dr Renata Majka
Veterinary Surgeon specializing in Homeopathy, Acupuncture and Dentistry

What is your background/experience

Initially I worked as a veterinary nurse in a small animal practice in Poland.  This motivated me to study further to become a veterinarian.  I obtained my degree from the Warsaw University and began working as a vet’s assistant in France, before moving onto London to work as a Veterinary Assistant. Subsequent to working in London I moved back to Poland and worked in a 24hr  emergency Clinic in Warsaw, for one year.

I have been very happy working at the Modern Veterinary Clinic since 1998.

Any personal quotes or ideas about the industry?

MVC is a very busy and popular practice.  Every year we have more customers.  In the future I foresee longer opening hours and further expansion of the clinic.  We are a respected and well established clinic, with which only a few can compete.  This is because of the clinic’s open approach to customer and patient needs and the dedication of our top class team.

Why you think you are good for the team?

I am good for the team because I am approachable and flexible, happy to assist other team members when necessary.  Having lived in Dubai for well over a decade I also understand the unique needs and expectations of the local market which often are different from other parts of the world.  I am a certified acupuncturist and can treat many of our patients using this technique and other various holistic therapies which offer an effective alternative to traditional drugs and medicine.

My Favorite animals: All animals!

Hobbies: I love to stay fit which I do by dancing, yoga & meditation as well as running.

What is your job title/role
Dr. Emmanouil Mastromanolis DVM
Veterinary SurgeonWhat is your background/ experience
As a child of medical family living with pets my future was already prescribed! I graduated from Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki GREECE (Fully Approved by EAEVE). Immediately thereafter,  I started work in a well established Vet Clinic in Athens, Greece, where I quickly furthered my studies and became a specialist in ultra-sonography. In addition to the above, I am also a scientific collaborator for the University of Missouri Columbia, USA in a worldwide research program named “The movement of cats around the World” using DNA markers to track their migrations. I joined this organization when I was consulting at the KAZ Shelter in Greece for stray animals, despite difficult circumstances at times – a hug or a wagging tail was often a cherished reward.
Why you think you are good for the team? My diverse background has enabled me to develop a deep understanding of client and patient requirements. In addition this I also thoroughly enjoy utilizing my expertise in Ultrasound and sharing my knowledge with the MVC team and patients alike, complementing the already comprehensive range of services the clinic offers.
Any personal quotes or ideas about the industry? “Make decisions quickly and definitively, you can usually change things later” ( Steve Jobs) I came to join MVC clinic and I’m not going to change anything.

horacioWhat is your job title/role
Dr Horacio Ruiz DVM

What is your background/experience?
I obtained my degree in Argentina at the University of La Plata where I started my first work experience.
I then moved to Mallorca, Spain where I worked as a veterinary surgeon for 11 years. During this time,
I opened my own veterinary practice and worked in an insurance company as a vet. I moved to Dubai
in 2013 and have been working as a veterinary surgeon since then.

Any personal ideas/quotes about the industry?
I wish to share my expertise and skills with my colleagues, patients and clients alike, whilst actively contributing to the international veterinary community.

Why do you think you are good for the team?
I am a friendly person and always happy at the work place, whilst good at my job and always looking
to improve my skills and further my knowledge.

carolWhat is your job title/role

Dr Carolina Soto DVM
Specialized Veterinary Anesthetists

What is your background/ experience
After graduation from the Universidade Paulista (Paulista University) in Sao Paulo,Brazil, I completed several internships at other universities and hospitals. During this time, I developed a deep passion for anesthesia and pain management hence continued my studies further to allow me to specialize in this field. I take great pride and enjoyment in my work by making every procedure for my patients as smooth and pain free as possible.

Why you think you are good for the team?
By having an anesthetists on the team, I am allowing the other members of the team to be able to focus 100% on their tasks of nursing or in the veterinarians case for example doing surgery. This definitely makes everyone’s life easier to have someone able to understand and supporttheir procedures starting from preparation through to recovery with specialised anesthesia and pain control.

My Favorite animals:
I love all animals! I grew up with dogs back home and recently locally adopted a little Arabian Mau kitty. Absolutley loving this experience, and looking forward to bringing home our next puppy to join our                                                                                 expanding family!
                                                                        I like to spend time with my family and friends, go to beach and watch movies.


Job title: Hospital Head Nurse

Background experience: I am a graduate of Veterinary Medicine in the Philippines and prior to that I have graduated Bachelor of Science in Business Administration as well. I have worked in a small animal clinic before moving to Dubai to work as a veterinary nurse.
Im aslo a member of the Filipino Veterinarian Association (Pinoy Vets Group) here in UAE.

It has always been my passion to take care of animals the very reason I pursued to be a Veterinarian.

The life as a Veterinary nurse is rewarding, but challenging and demanding. You must have a passion for or a clinical interest in animals, have great interpersonal skills, and possess a strong work ethic.

ariesJob Title:
Nurse General

What is your background/experience?
Graduated in 2007 with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Took my Licensure exam right after graduation and started working as a Nurse Researcher. Passing the Licensure made my career even better and broader, the same company promoted me as the Vice President, gave me the chance to teach and became one of the youngest Nursing Review Instructors at the age of 20. I also had 3 years bedside care experience in a Tertiary Hospital which honed me to be a proficient and competitive nurse.
Moved in Dubai in 2012 and started working as a Receptionist in MVC. Being one of the busiest Veterinary Practice in the City, veterinarians teach us the basic view on handling patients and thats what impelled and challenged me to move and be part of the care team.

Any personal quotes or ideas about the industry?
Only a person who loves a challenge would take on patients who can’t tell them where it hurts.

Why do you think you are good for the team?
With a broad knowledge on human medicine, education and customers service, I firmly believe that I belong to the team. Being a human nurse with a good nursing skill and clinical eyes; a lover of animals with passion and patience, I would be able to combine these expertise and abilities and by then                                                                                        creating a good nursing care for my patients, because I always believe that as a Nurse, our role is                                                                                    not only to help patients heal physically, we always ensure that caring is what we do best…

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