Our Vets

What is your job title/role

Veterinary Surgeon specializing in Orthopedics

What is your background/ experience

I graduated from The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Warsaw, and did a internship at the Royal Veterinary College and the Queen Mothers Hospital in London. I am also a member of the European Society of Veterinary Orthopedics and Traumatology (EVSOT).

Any personal quotes or ideas about the industry?

When you care so much for animals, it’s not a job anymore it’s a passion.

Why you think you are good for the team?

Being one of the leading specialists of Orthopedic treatments in the country I can use my expertise with patients in the clinic. I am a hardworker and dedicated to the care and well being of animals. I believe in developing good client relationships and building trust so people feel confident when I am treating their animals. Continuing my education, I am currently becoming qualified in Arthroscopy.

In my spare time, my interests are dirt biking, scuba diving, and hiking. At home I have a rescue dog and a cat, Nanga and Czesiu.

What is your job title/role

Veterinary Surgeon specializing in Homeopathy, Acupuncture and Dentistry

What is your background/experience

Initially I worked as a veterinary nurse in a small animal practice in Poland.  This motivated me to study further to become a veterinarian.  I obtained my degree from the Warsaw University and began working as a vet’s assistant in France, before moving onto London to work as a Veterinary Assistant.  Subsequent to working in London I moved back to Poland and worked in a 24hr  emergency Clinic in Warsaw, for one year.

I have been very happy working at the Modern Veterinary Clinic since 1998.

Any personal quotes or ideas about the industry?

MVC is a very busy and popular practice.  Every year we have more customers.  In the future I foresee longer opening hours and further expansion of the clinic.  We are a respected and well established clinic, with which only a few can compete.  This is because of the clinic’s open approach to customer and patient needs and the dedication of our top class team.

Why you think you are good for the team?

I am good for the team because I am approachable and flexible, happy to assist other team members when necessary.  Having lived in Dubai for well over a decade I also understand the unique needs and expectations of the local market which often are different from other parts of the world.  I am a certified acupuncturist and can treat many of our patients using this technique and other various holistic therapies which offer an effective alternative to traditional drugs and medicine.

My Favorite animals: All animals!

Hobbies: I love to stay fit which I do by dancing, yoga & meditation as well as running.


What is your job title?
Veterinary Surgeon in Equine and Small animals

What is your background/experience?
After graduating from the Royal Veterinary College in London, I worked in a very busy mixed animal clinic, mainly as an Equine practitioner and then I went on to create a 24 hour emergency branch of an existing clinic where I experienced every emergency scenario possible. I moved back to London after a few years away to work with several small animal clinics to develop their businesses, whilst locuming as an equine and small animal vet.

Any personal quotes or ideas about the industry?
I wish to create and develop an equine division of the Modern Veterinary Clinic to further establish MVC as a leading veterinary hospital in Dubai with dedicated, trustworthy and experienced staff.

Why do you think you are good for the team?
My reasons for moving to Dubai were to experience a new place and way of life, whilst having the flexibility to develop as a veterinary surgeon. I am good for the team as I will go out of my way to make sure that your pets will receive the best possible care available to them.


What is your job title role?

Veterinary surgeon specializing in exotic pets and wildlife.

What is your background experience?

I graduated in the veterinary school of my city, Leon in the north of Spain. Since I started the college I knew I wanted to work with wildlife. This way during my college degree I did as many courses and internships on that field as I could. At the same time I was on the board of the association for the attention of exotic and wild animals. I finished college and took my master postgraduate diploma on wildlife management, after that I have worked in different centers all of them related to wildlife and exotic species. I like reptiles and exotic mammals but birds are my passion, actually on my free time I enjoy doing birdwatching and falconry.

Personal quotes or ideas about the industry?

To give professional and dedicated care and treatment to special animals as non domestic exotic pets with its own special needs.

Why you think you are good for the team?

I am confident team worker and I never dismiss any opinion or view. I am enthusiastic and eager to discuss and cooperate on any of the cases we have every day at Modern Veterinary clinic.

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