Healthy joints are crucial because only a healthy pet can be a happy one. Your pets require a diet that is nutritious and balanced to ensure healthy and well functioning joints.

You should aspire to feed holistic dog food to your puppy or adult dog that is rich in grains, fruit, vegetables, vitamins, and meat.  Many pet stores also provide homemade dog food and homemade cat food that offers a holistic nutritious diet for your pets.

Diet Tips to Ensure Healthy Joints for your Pets:

  • Make sure that your pet dog or cat drinks sufficient water throughout the day, because a certain level of hydration is required to lubricate the joints for proper functioning.
  • See to it that your dog food, cat food or kitten food is rich in Vitamin C, as this is one nutrient that is very important for your pet’s joint health.

  • Your pet’s body also requires copper in some form to ensure healthy and functional joints.
  • Because joint disorders and pain is caused due to inflammation in the joints, you must include foods in your pet’s diet that are rich in anti-inflammatory nutrients, such as  fish oil and turmeric.

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