All about a cat’s memory: Why cats are smarter than you think

A lot of people assume that cats are incapable of retaining memory over the years but they believe that they can remember details only for a few minutes, at most.

However, medical experts say that a cat’s memory span depends on whether you are talking about its short-term memory or long-term memory.

Associative memory is when your cat remembers something by associating a specific activity with what they hear, see, or smell and whether they have a negative or positive memory of it. For example, a cat can associate the sound a computer makes when shutting down with getting to play with you one last time before sleeping. But if you mute the volume of the computer such that the cat can’t hear the beeps, it will have no idea why you are getting up from the chair.

The short-term and long-term memory of cats

A cat has a short-term memory span of almost 16 hours while the span of its long-term memory can be hard to determine. Cats do have an excellent long-term memory as they can remember people they share a strong bond with especially the vets. However, a cat will also remember the humans who have mistreated it in the past.

Medically, it has been proven that cats have a better memory than they are given credit for. So it is important you do not hurt its feelings because it rarely forgets.

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