Modern Veterinary Clinic is working on building the next generation of veterinary clinics from the ground up, and we are looking for dedicated veterinarians to join our team. We have just opened our 3rd clinic in JVC and have several more clinics opening up soon!

We are a multi-specialty clinic, or a one-stop-shop for all your pet’s needs. Our clinics are planned with pets and people in mind; they are cosy, friendly, and very sniffable. With a head-strong emphasis on technology, we balance out our design, making it easy for us to alter our systems to improve the veterinary team, pet, and client experience.

Naturally, pet care is our # 1 priority, but we understand that a happy team provides better care. We have been working in vet practices for a long time, and we are working very hard to create a fantastic workplace culture. It is important to us that every team member feels appreciated and valued every day. Our industry will only continue to evolve, surpassing veterinary standards today by putting the pets we cherish so dearly, first, and by ensuring the clinic is a wonderful place to learn and grow.  

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