The Modern Veterinary Clinic offers full-service pet grooming for cats and dogs in Dubai.

Our groomers have over 20 years of professional grooming experience and cater to all breeds of dogs and cats. Although some breeds require little to no grooming, others need regular grooming to stay clean and healthy.

The importance of visiting an experienced groomer can’t be stressed enough due to the many differences between grooming procedures for single coated breeds and double coated breeds. Inexperienced groomers with little breed-specific pet grooming knowledge could mistakingly trim a pet’s undercoat, affecting the regrowth of the hair, and potentially altering a pet’s coat for the rest of their life.

A routine stress-free grooming visit with one of our professionals includes a choice of medical or organic bathing , a breed-specific cut, conditioning,and blow drying.

Customized grooming options and packages can include add-ons such as tick removal, ear cleaning, nail-clipping, fulminating/deshedding, paw trimming, anal gland extraction, and teeth brushing. Our groomers create simplified grooming plans for our patients and educate clients on grooming maintenance in between visits.

Our groomers are trained in a comprehensive range of grooming styles including but not limited to the ‘Lion Cut’, ‘Teddy Bear Trim’, ‘Full Coat/ Show Trims’, and ‘Kennel Cut’.

If you have a puppy or kitten, it is a great idea to familiarize him or her with grooming early on. This establishes an easy approach from the start.


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