How to Choose a Name For Your Cat

It is a pleasant day; you just adopted a new kitten, and everything is as rosy as can be. The arrival of the new family member will be a defining moment in your life. One of the first fun-filled tasks when adopting a new pet is picking out the perfect name!  A lot of times, the name will organically come to mind immediately while at other times it’s not so easy.

cats nameA Name That Reminds You of Character Traits in Your Furry Friend…

An excellent way of finding a perfect name for your new pet would be to observe their behavior and think of a name that reminds you of your dear pet. If you observe them interacting with other pets and are social, giving them a friendly name maybe be a good option.

Naming a Cat – As Easy as Just Looking at Them

cat nameSometimes, naming your cat can be as easy as taking a quick, loving look at them. If your cat is a Burmese or Russian Blue or a Bombay mix, their dark and striking fur can prompt ideas in one’s mind to give them a name associated with their appearance (color). Consequently, their personalities can play a vital role in giving them an adorable name they deserve.

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