It is a pleasant day; you just adopted a new kitten, and everything is as rosy as can be. The arrival of the new family member will be a defining moment in your life. One of the first fun-filled tasks when adopting a new pet is picking out the perfect name!  A lot of times, the name will organically come to mind immediately while at other times it’s not so easy.

A Name That Reminds You of Character Traits in Your Furry Friend…

An excellent way of finding a perfect name for your new pet would be to observe their behaviour and think of a name that reminds you of your dear pet. If you observe them interacting with other pets and are social, giving them a friendly name maybe be a good option.

Naming a Cat – As Easy as Just Looking at Them

Sometimes, naming your cat can be as easy as taking a quick, loving look at them. If your cat is a Burmese or Russian Blue or a Bombay mix, their dark and striking fur can prompt ideas in one’s mind to give them a name associated with their appearance (colour). Consequently, their personality can play a vital role in giving them an adorable name they deserve.

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