You come home from a long hard day at work looking to relax and cuddle with your pet. Your dog follows you into your bedroom where you notice it has chewed on the expensive furniture, ate parts of your important files, even chewed up your favorite pair of shoes. Your neighbor rings you up and tells you that your dog has been driving the neighborhood wild by barking and howling out of the window at the vehicles passing by when you were away. Does this scenario feel familiar? Have you noticed if your dog has been suffering from dog separation anxiety?

In nature, the usual dog behavior is such that dogs are never away from their pack for much. It should be your job to help them make these situations less stressful. Here are some of the ways you can ease the anxiety of your pets when you leave for work.

  • Before leaving for work, take your pet out for a walk
  • Don’t touch, or talk or make eye contact when leaving
  • Say goodbye to your dog even before it is time to leave
  • Stay calm and try to be assertive
  • Leave your dog listening to a good audiobook
  • Start out small by leaving your dog alone for minutes and then increase the time gradually

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