New Cat at Home – How to Introduce a New Cat and Avoid Conflicts?

If you already have a cat in the family and are thinking of introducing a new cat at home, you may be keen but your cat at home may not like it at first. Therefore, we want to give you some advice to make things easier for both the new member of the family and the cat(s) that are already part of your family and of course you. You will see how with patience and following these tips, it will end up being like siblings.

The choice of the new cat

If the cat or cats that live at home were separated from their mother and siblings at a young age, and have not had any relationships with other cats throughout their development, it is normal that at first, they find it harder to adapt to this new situation. If, on the other hand, the cat has already lived with other cats, adaptation will be easier. If you are in the first case, the idea is to choose a kitten less than 6 months.

Before introducing the new cat

It is important to know that it will not only be a big change for the cat(s) that are already at home, but also, the new cat that enters the house. They will also have to undergo a change of environment such as new spaces and accept new members of the family. Ideally a week or a few days before introducing the new cat, you can start to take home some blanket or bed of the cat so that they begin to recognize your smell.

We already have the new cat at home, what do we do now?

The first thing is that you will need to have a lot of patience because this process can take from weeks (in most cases) to a few months, and it is very important that you do not force the situation.

You will need to allocate a room at home for the new pet, where the new feline will be housed along with its food, drinking fountain, toys, bed, and a litter tray. The door should always remain closed, which will avoid conflicts between the cats and at the same time they can start to listen and smell each other. It is normal, at first, they will want to hide, so it is recommended that you cover the spaces that are under the cabinets so that they do not get in which will prevent them from being harmed.

Visit to the vet in Dubai

It is important to make a visit to Modern Veterinary Clinic, before introducing the new cat at home. Unfortunately, many kittens on the street are sick and can be a danger to cats that you already have at home. It is necessary to have a full vet check to ensure your new cat has no internal parasites, ticks or mites. These parasites are highly contagious among cats (also from cats to dogs) and unfortunately, a high percentage of kittens that come from the street will have parasites and ear mites.

We would also recommend testing for the feline leukemia, a highly contagious virus among cats, as well as, ensuring the cat has up to date vaccinations and a microchip.

Please contact Modern Veterinary Clinic on 04 395 31 31 for more information.

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