We are one of the best known Dubai charity vet clinics. We are passionate about animals, both pets and stray and will go full length to provide charity services to the deserving.


Our veterinary charity rates are kept surprisingly low with the intention of supporting animal shelters. We do TNR and sponsor adoption events.  Our TNR charity is highly admired for we are able to control the stray cat population and their health issues to a great extent.

Our MVC is top class!

We care for animals and come with a deep understanding of their physical features and traits. Our Dubai charity MVC is also equipped with the best of veterinarians and modern equipment to offer nothing short of the best care.

Choose us!

If you are looking for a charity veterinarian, please note; we could be the top choice. We have the confidence and skills to exceed your expectations and are the best vets around. We also aim to take our charity services to new heights by partnering with and supporting more animal shelters in Dubai.

Visit our Dubai charity vet for more information on our charity services. We are exceptional stray cat vet Dubai looking to offer a safer and healthier life for the animals.

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