The Importance of Neutering

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MVC offers pet spay Dubai services. The process involves removal of the uterus and ovaries to prevent unwanted pregnancies and seasonal issues. Dog/cat spay Dubai also reduces the risk of Pyometra, a serious uterus infection.

Cat/dog neuter Dubai can be performed on males wherein the testicles of the animal are removed. This is a simple process but needs to be performed by a trained and qualified professional.

At MVC Dubai, we have the best pet professionals that can safely pet spay/neuter, without any complications.

Pet spay/neuter Dubai reduces pet anger and helps you train your pet with ease. The procedure also reduces pet roaming and lets you have and enforce better control over your cat/dog.

The right age to neuter

It is always wise to pet neuter as early as possible; get it done if your pet is 5 months of age. However, if your dog/cat is passed that age, do not panic. Get in touch with us; we will guide you with the best solution.

MVC pet neuter Dubai procedure is simple. Get your pet in the morning to our clinic, get operated and your pet will be ready to walk home the same day! However, you need to bring your pet back to our clinic for follow-ups later.

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