There is a time when every pet owner wants to feed their pet with raw meat, thinking that this is what it would eat all by itself in the wild. There is also no doubt about the fact that your pet can digest raw meat quite easily, but does it mean that raw meat is the best pet food? Not certainly!

Raw and uncooked products are quite likely to be contaminated by the salmonella bacteria, thereby putting your pet’s health at risk. In fact, many studies even suggest that feeding raw meat as pet food can also spread the bacteria to the pet owners and their families by getting in contact with the pet. Another setback of feeding your dog or cat with raw meat is the fact that it does not contain all the nutrients that your pets need for their balanced growth.

You need to understand that your pet dogs and cats have long evolved from being carnivores, which need to survive on raw meat alone. Instead, your pets need nutritional value in their foods which is very well sufficed in healthy homemade and natural dog and cat foods available in pet stores.

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