Pet owners love to treat their dogs with bones every once in a while; they know how much their pets relish it. There is no harm in feeding your dog with bones, as they are highly rich in nutrients and minerals that are great for your pet’s health. In fact, chewing bones also helps your dog keep away from any kind of gum diseases.

Despite the fact that bones are considered to be one of the best raw dog foods, there are certain things that you must keep in mind while feeding your dog with a bone

  • Never feed your dog with poultry and pork bones as they chip into shards and are quite likely to cause your dog to choke.
  • Feeding raw meat bones to dogs is as cooked bones lose their nutritional value in the process of cooking.
  • To make sure that your dog doesn’t ingest an excess bone in one go it’s ideal to give your pup after having their meal.
  • Feed your dog with a bone that is larger in length than its muzzle to protect your pet from swallowing it.


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