Tips for stress-free grooming

Grooming is necessary not only to make your pet look pretty but secure him from possible infections as well. However, getting the stress-free grooming done is also not easy; one needs to look for a

specialist stress-free grooming Dubai service to ensure the result is as desired. You can also follow these tips to make your pet love grooming.

Tips for grooming Dubai:

dog Stress-free groomingMake it a treat

Make sure your dog or cat enjoys grooming. This is easily possible when you have an experienced groomer by your side. A skilled professional knows how to make it stress-free for your pet.

Positive reinforcement

When you are pet grooming, make it a point to shower him with lots of love and affection. Give him rewards for obeying you and never ever command or try to control. Build trust and make him understand that you are only trying to make him look and feel better.

Go slow

pet stress-free grooming

When you are cat grooming or dog grooming, go slow. Set some time aside for the purpose and never hurry or rush things. Have some patience until your pet gets used to grooming. You can also consider visiting a pet spa.

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